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Type 2835 - Solenoid control valve

Proportional valves


Direct-acting 2/2-way Proportional Valve, orifices 2 - 8 mm
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There is no international datasheet available for this product.

Other country versions of the datasheets can be found on the individual country web sites. Please use the navigation tool to select a local Bürkert site.

ML multilingual   
documents description language country size
 8605-PWMFreq.-EU-ML.pdf PWM-frequency prop.-valve DE, EN, FR  EU 160 kB 
 2821-Standard-EU-ML.pdf Operating Instructions DE, EN, FR  EU 790 kB 
 6013-CodePX11-13-EU-ML.pdf Additional Information Ex DE, EN, FR  EU 236 kB 
 6013-CodePX04-EU-ML.pdf Additional Information Ex DE, EN, FR  EU 150 kB 

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