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03 December 2009

Liquid Flow Controller

Dynamic Performance Meets Compact Design
The intelligent combination of high-performance flow-rate measurements and a highly precise proportional valve turns Bürkert´s Liquid Flow Controller into a perfect solution for a large number of industrial applications. The integration of sensor, control electronics and proportional valves into a single compact device make the Liquid Flow Controller ideally suited for applications requiring the fully-automatic metered dosing of small amounts of liquids.

Compatible, Compact and Cost-efficient

The Liquid Flow Controller (LFC) is fully compatible with Bürkert´s range of Mass Flow Controllers (MFC). It complements the company's portfolio of compact fluid control devices for the measurement and dosage of liquids with a nominal flow rate of 10 - 600 ml per minute and a span of 1:10. The LFC is based on the successfully proven and tested software, hardware and mechanics of the MFC series. Thanks to its compact design, the controller can be installed in difficult locations, such as directly behind angled piping.

Innovative, Right Down to the Last Detail

In its Liquid Flow Controller, Bürkert has optimized the differential pressure process for liquid flow-rate measurements to give precise, fast and repeatable measurements in a highly compact device. The result is an efficient digital controller with convincing features:

  • flow-rate measurements without moving parts inside the medium flow
  • only high-quality materials used in contact with the medium
  • integrated pre filter, replaceable
  • configuration and diagnosis via serial interface with MassFlowCommunicator software
  • etc.

Highly Flexible and Versatile

Due to its fast and accurate flow rate measurement, the Liquid Flow Controller is ideally suited for the dynamic control or metering of liquids. The LFC can therefore be used in a large number of industrial applications such as process engineering, packaging, surface finishing, coating, filling or machine tool construction. Some examples of potential applications are:

  • heat treatment by carburization or endogas generators
  • the testing of fuel cells
  • the coating of surfaces
  • the cooling of machine tools

The big advantage of the Liquid Flow Controller is that it is a one-stop system solution combining reliability and functionality with a truly convincing cost-performance ratio.

Here you may find additional data about the Liquid Flow Controller:

Product Flyer Liquid Flow Controller

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