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18 March 2004

And Myanmar still smiles...

Slide presentation with music by Eberhard Köhler.
Cut off for decades from the outside world, this charming country is now gradually opening up to interested visitors. Wherever one goes and looks at the people who are generally busy with their difficult craft activities, they are always smiling at you - also in the hope of a better future. This is a presentation about the colourful, but often plagued life of the warm people in Burma, and also a travel report on the most important visitor attractions of the country.
As an experienced speaker of more than 600 presentations on about 50 different subjects, Eberhard Köhler reports in a very clear way on what he has seen and experienced on his travels. The visitor learns much valuable knowledge and is also entertained with the music and original sounds that underscore the series of images through the use of modern projection techniques.

For more information visit http://www.e-koehler.de/


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