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26 March 2009

3D Animation Robolux

Interactive 3D Animation for Robolux

The 3D animation Robolux is an interactive marketing tool which shows the advantage of Robolux comparing to conventional solutions in an impressive way.
The 3D presentation of the Robolux valves is available in German and English. It is possible to move the 3D models in the PDF documents with the mouse (move, turn, zoom in or zoom out).


At least the Adobe Reader version 8 is needed to start the intro video. Before you can start the animation you should check the settings if the Adobe Reader.

Necessary settings for Adobe Reader:

Please click at following steps:
1. "Edit"
2. "Preferences"
3. "3D & Multimedia"
4. "Enable hardeware rendering for  legacy video cards" (do not set)
5. "Preference Renderer" (either DirectX 9 or nothing)
6. "Framerate Threshold" (reduce e.g. 3)
7. "OK"

This steps are also shown in the following link:

Here you can start the intro document:

3D Robolux 

We would love to tell you more about the Robulux products.
Here you find the way to your next Bürkert branch office:


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