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04 October 2007

Product News: AirLINE Ex - Type 8650

Be on the intrinsically safe side
AirLINE Ex Type 8650 is the first modular electro-pneumatic automation system that automates complex process and production sequences in hazardous areas. The ignition protection type "intrinsically safe" (EEx-i) allows valves and modules to be changed during operation.

AirLINE Ex is the only electro-pneumatic compact automation solution that allows the integration of EEx-i pneumatic valves without additional wiring. Thanks to the integration of pneumatic functions, process and production sequences can now also be completely decentralised in an explosive environment. AirLINE Ex can be seamlessly integrated into Siemens SIMATIC ET 200iSP (digital and analogue I/O functions).

Here you find additional data about AirLINE Ex:

Documentation AirLINE Ex - Type 8650 

Bürkert offers you an userfriendly configurator tool which enables you to put together your required configuration in a precisely structured way:

Configurator tool AirLINE Ex - Type 8650

We would love to tell you more about AirLINE Ex. Here you find the way to your next Bürkert branch office:


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